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Thread: Good Tutorial Sites

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    Good Tutorial Sites

    Anybody care to share what site they use for tutorials? Or do you prefer to learn from a book, any good book recommendations.

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    To be perfectly honest, I haven't learned anything from books or actual tutorials. I have learned all of my photography either by fellow photographer friends (not much was learned their either, but some), on my own (this is where I learned just about everything I know) I just played around with settings and the camera to see what everything did, then went from there. I did however go to POTN (Canon photography forum) and would browse photos for hours, looking at the EXIF data of all the photos I liked, then when I was out shooting something similar, try those settings and practice technique.

    I'm primarily a self taught type when it comes to photography.

    However, I did get a book from a friend (never actually sat down and read anything though LOL) but he says it's a very good book that helped him quite a bit. "Understanding Exposure" -Bryan Peterson

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adley View Post
    Hi MBPhotos,
    Thanks for guiding Understanding Exposure book by Bryan Peterson.
    Hope this book will be of great help for amateur photographers.
    I also have that book, fantastic read.

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    It is better to learn through the internet because you can gather many resources .. many ideas may come to you by seeing other people's work..
    Yes it is best to practice and see your work and look for things to be improve..
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    41 has taught many techniques, if you want to have a look at them got to the discussion forums here:

    Go to the photography section and look at the Index of "Thursday Photo Tips".

    Other than that I think the best technique is to experiment, I hate photography rules or guidelines whatever you call them, it's an art and art is free.

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